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Often times, it’s hard to describe what an intermediate school district or a regional educational service agency does due to the complexity of our work. We decided to use podcasts to share our stories and help people visualize who we are and what we do. Not all of our areas are represented, but we are working on it. Please feel free to watch one or all of our podcasts to better understand Ingham ISD and the programs and services we provide.

The Family Learning and Literacy Calendars were developed to support families with fun activities while learning at home. The Early Learning Calendar provides monthly tips to work with infants, toddlers and preschoolers. The K-1 Literacy Calendar has a monthly theme with foundational layers of literacy, early numeracy and writing. The calendars have also been translated into seven languages.

These calendars are available through local districts, electronically on Ingham ISD's website or may be picked-up at any local Capital Area District Library. 


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