Hearts of Fun Playground Fundraiser

The Hearts of Fun Playground fundraiser will help us achieve the inclusive playground with a play booster including accessible ramps and four new playground pieces. It will support the purchase and installation of the equipment as well as the rubberized surfacing which is much safer for students and allows all users access to the entire playground. Our vision will address the needs of all children, regardless of any disability, with a focus on accessibility and inclusion. #inghamimpact

Heartwood School

Heartwood School is a center-based program located on our campus in Mason, serving students with moderate and severe cognitive impairments, severe multiple impairments, autism spectrum disorders and traumatic brain injuries. #inghamimpact

Heartwood MOVE Program

The MOVE Program at Heartwood School is based on the MOVE International model. 

MOVE is a philosophy...a way of life and proven practice in which individuals with multiple disabilities can learn to:

SIT to eat, participate in activities, study, and even work;
STAND for activities such as washing at a sink and food prep;
WALK to move to participate in play or complete tasks (with and without support);
TRANSITION from bed to chair, sitting to standing, etc.

Children and adults with multiple disabilities, and their care providers and educators, benefit from innovative techniques and training provided as part of the MOVE program. Many individuals who had little hope now have opportunities for inclusion within families, agencies, schools and centers, and communities.

Thank you to our Heartwood staff who have integrated MOVE into everyday activities to improve student outcomes. #inghamimpact

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High School Diploma Completion Initiative

Ingham ISD offers programs in partnership with our post-secondary partners, in this case, Lansing Community College. The High School Diploma Completion Initiative provides students an alternative path to earning their high school diploma while obtaining high school and direct college credits. This is one of the many high school options available to students in our service area. Keep up the good work! 

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Malcolm Williams School & Ingham Academy

In our first podcast for the 2016-17 school year, you will hear about Ingham Academy and Malcolm Williams School. Ingham Academy is a school for court placed youth. Ingham County Circuit Court, Ingham Intermediate School District, and Highfields have been working together since 2007 to educate and support Ingham Academy students to receive their high school diploma. Malcolm Williams School is for students who are placed in the Highfields residential program. This partnership between Ingham ISD and Highfields has been in existence since 1974, providing students the educational foundation to return to their local school district. We hope this podcast will help you see the amazing work of our staff and the impact they have on students and their future. #inghamimpact

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Secondary Learning Center & Evergreen Program

Evergreen serves students in Kindergarten through grade 8 and the Secondary Learning Center serves high school students with severe emotional and behavioral problems. Our staff have amazing skills and patiently work with families to meet the individual needs of each child and create a personal environment in which learning happens.  Check out how your teammates are having a positive impact on students! #inghamimpact

The Early College at Lansing Community College

The Early College at Lansing Community College (LCC) offers students in our local districts an opportunity to start college while they are still in high school. Students commit to extend their high school graduation by one year and attend high school and college level courses all day on LCC’s campus. By the time they graduate, students will have earned up to 60 college credits at no cost. We are offering innovative programs for students each and every day, and this is one of the many ways we support student achievement. Thank you to our talented team of instructors at The Early College. You rock!  #inghamimpact

Transition Programs

Students with disabilities who participate in transition programs can become gainfully employed and make meaningful contributions to their community. Transition programs and services prepare students on a self-directed pathway through job training and life skills with the ultimate goal of positive social inclusion. The most important outcome is to prepare students to become integrated community members living purposeful lives. #inghamimpact

The William & Claire Dart Advanced Manufacturing Center

On October 3, 2018, Ingham ISD officially opened the William and Claire Dart Advanced Manufacturing Center at the Wilson Talent Center. This space brings together engineering, precision machining and welding students into an industry type setting with dedicated collaboration space and a quality control room for testing. Students are able to problem-solve together as they work through projects in a shared learning environment. Thank you to the Dart Foundation that provided a $700,000 matching grant to complete this $2.2 million project for our students. #InghamImpact

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Wilson Talent Center

February is CTE Month. This podcast shares why career and technical education is right for everyone. Hear from our students and staff how education and innovation are embedded into our programs to accelerate their futures after high school. A huge shout-out to all Wilson Talent Center staff.  Thanks for all you do to support students. #inghamimpact

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Ingham Great Start Collaborative

Ingham Great Start Collaborative (GSC) is part of Michigan's Great Start system. The mission is for every family to have access to a universal, comprehensive and collaborative spectrum of community-based, early childhood programs, services, supports and strategies. Ingham GSC has new materials for parents with kids aged zero to preschool: the Early Learning Calendar and the Kindergarten Readiness Packet. Kids Count 2018 reports on the well-being of children in Michigan. Watch for this report to be released on April 17. Thanks to all the staff and others who support Ingham GSC! #InghamImpact

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