Strategic Plan

Staff, students, parents, local district staff and community members were involved in the development of our Strategic Plan during the 2016-17 school year. Over the next three to five years, our teams will be working together to accomplish our Strategic Plan Goals.


Ingham ISD exists to serve and lead through collaboration, innovation and advocacy.


Ingham ISD, in partnership with all stakeholders, will transform our community by fostering the success of all learners in preparation for college, work and life.

Brand Promise

Inspiring innovation one learner at a time.

Organizational Goals

To improve third grade reading proficiency
To improve the high school graduation rate

Organizational Targets

Community - Increase awareness of our services and programs.

Culture - Live our core values.

Collaboration - Provide, create and promote opportunities for collaboration.

Communication - Implement a reciprocal communication process for both internal and external stakeholders.

Cost/Quality - Maximize our school and community resources.

Core Values

Collaboration - We will seek, share and respect diverse perspectives. We will function as a team with our colleagues and stakeholders to define and achieve common goals.

Compassion - We will be kind and empathetic, and strive to understand the circumstances and viewpoints of all.

Innovation - We will explore new ideas and opportunities to challenge conventional views and develop forward-thinking solutions.

Integrity - We will be honest, trustworthy, respectful and ethical. We will honor our commitments and be accountable for our actions.

Student Focus - We will place students and their success as the driving force behind our decisions.

Department Level Plans

Each team has a Department Level Plan that is aligned with the two overarching organizational goals.

Our Mission and Vision statements have been revised through this process to meet our organizational need.

See our Implementation and Progress Monitoring pages for details about the Strategic Plan.

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