The steering committee for our strategic planning process includes multiple stakeholders. A list of those who participated on the committee is listed below.

Scott Koenigsknecht 

Helen McNamara 
Asst. Superintendent - Business & Finance 

Susan Tinney 
Asst. Superintendent - HR & Organizational Development 

Jeanne Farina 
Executive Director - CSTE & CACC Principal 

Michelle Nicolson 
Executive Director - Early Childhood 

Micki O'Neil 
Director – Public Relations & Communications 

Roberta Perconti 
Executive Director - Student Instructional Services 

Andrew Rable 
Executive Director - Student Support Services 

Daryl Tilley 
Executive Director - Information Tech Services 

Brad Erickson
Union Rep -  Math, Work-Based Learning Placement Specialist 

Danielle Redman 
Union Rep, GSRP Administrative Assistant  

Abby Allen 
Director - Student Support Services  

Corrie Mervyn
Director - Early Childhood 

Erin Schor 
Ingham ISD Board Member 

Edythe Hatter-Williams 

Anupama Atre 
Parent Advisory Council  

Temple Martinez
Culinary Arts and Hospitality Student 

Kristin Belzer 
Haslett Board Member
LRCC Executive VP & Chief Marketing Officer 

Toni Glasscoe
Lansing Community College

Brian Friddle 
Webberville Community Schools

Ron Drzewicki 
Mason Public Schools

Yvonne Caamal Canul 
Lansing School District