The first step in the process was to gather input from key stakeholder groups about needed supports, programs, and services. This information was gathered through focus groups and online staff surveys.

Many stakeholders provided input as we gathered data to develop our Strategic Plan. Below listed are the input opportunities we provided for the needed "Keep Doing, Stop Doing, Start Doing" components of the planning process. The results of the data gathering are available at Data Review & Plan Development.

Meeting Schedule and Data Gathered

September 20 - Steering Committee Meeting

The Steering Committee met to understand the process and how the focus group sessions would run. This prepared the group to better understand the steps in the strategic planning process, their role and how the data gathered would be used for planning.

October 11-16 - Focus Group Meetings

Ingham ISD held open focus groups for the following stakeholders, encouraging participation, so we could develop a solid plan for the future:

  • Elementary School Staff
  • Community and Business Partners
  • Local District Board Members
  • Secondary School Staff
  • Ingham ISD Staff (two focus group sessions)
  • Families and Students
  • Superintendents 
  • Local District Leadership

Online Staff Survey

In addition to the focus groups, Ingham ISD staff participated via online survey to answer key questions covered in the focus groups and to vote on the top five Core Values for our organization.