A Strategic Planning Steering Committee, comprised of local district leadership, families and students, community and business partners, and Ingham ISD leadership and staff, reviewed the data collected from all stakeholder groups. The group disaggregated the data, identified themes, constructed meaning and developed a three to five year strategic plan. 

The Steering Committee met several times to discuss initial findings and then to disaggregate the data. Then the team worked through the process to develop a one-page plan for the organization. After the critical and smart numbers were defined for the organization, each department created their department level and personal plans that aligned with our strategy.

Below is the data that was collected and used by the Steering Committee and the final plan proposed by the group.

Current Mission, Vision and Purpose Statements

PDF DocumentCurrent Attributes

PDF DocumentCurrent ROCCS

PDF DocumentLocal District Board Goals

PDF DocumentMichigan Department of Education's - Top 10 in 10 Strategy

PDF DocumentFocus Group Results

Below are the agendas for the Steering Committee meetings and additional work was done at those meetings to develop the proposed plan.

PDF DocumentNovember 8, 2016 Steering Committee Agenda

PDF DocumentNovember 22, 2016 Steering Committee Agenda

PDF DocumentNovember 29, 2016 Steering Committee Agenda

PDF DocumentProposed Plan