The third step was to develop Department-Level Plans that were organizationally aligned with one another and the Strategic Plan. 

Ingham ISD worked closely with stakeholders to identify needs. Much of the work we have underway has been included in our overall strategy. We have documented our departmental work in a simplified way so that as an organization, we can see our collective work and measure our progress.

Prior to departments working on their plans, staff needed a better understanding of the strategic plan. Dr. K. shared the Strategic Plan with administrators at the November 2016 Administrative Staff meeting and discussed the Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK) Day roll-out to all staff that December. 

At our MLK Day Professional Development, Dr. K. delivered the presentation below to all staff to better understand our direction and our next steps.

PDF DocumentFull MLK Day Staff Presentation

PDF DocumentStrategic Plan Update - January 2017

PDF DocumentStrategic Plan One-Page Overview

PDF DocumentOne-Page Department and Individual Plan Document

PDF DocumentOne-Page Glossary of Terms