As part of the planning process many focus groups and surveys were conducted with staff and key stakeholders. We received input and feedback from over 200 people and is the basis for our planning. The information on this page outlines our process. Staff or stakeholders who have questions, are welcome to contact our offices at 517.244.1230.


Consultant, Chris Stephens, facilitated the strategic planning process with Ingham ISD staff and stakeholders based on the Rockefeller Habits developed by Verne Harnish. Harnish has written two books that were used as a guide through this process: Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and Scaling Up.

Step 1: Data Gathering

The first step in the process was to gather input from key stakeholder groups about needed supports, programs, and services. This information was gathered through focus groups and online staff surveys.

Step 2: Data Review & Plan Development

A Strategic Planning Steering Committee, comprised of local district leadership, families and students, community and business partners, and Ingham ISD leadership and staff, then reviewed the data collected from all stakeholder groups. The group disaggregated the data, identified themes, constructed meaning and developed a three to five year strategic plan. 

STEP 3: Departmental Plan Development

The third step was to develop Department-Level Plans that were organizationally aligned with one another and the Strategic Plan. 

STEP 4: Implementation

The rollout of the Plan took place in late August 2017. Our overarching goals and department level plans are available for review. 

STEP 5: Progress Monitor & Adjust Plan

One of the most important components of a strategic plan is to continually monitor our progress towards identified goals. At times, this means making adjustments based on newly identified needs or legislation. Staff and stakeholders will receive progress updates regularly. Our organizational Strategic Plan details, including a dashboard, will be placed on our website.