Our Staff

The staff of the Wilson Talent Center is made up of Administrators, Instructors, Instructional Assistants and Support Staff. A staff listing follows:

Jamie Engel Executive Director, CTE


Joe Wenzel Principal jwenzel@inghamisd.org
  Associate Principal  
Deb Wantor Admin Asst. to Principals dwantor@inghamisd.org
Brad Erickson Applied Academics/Math berickso@inghamisd.org
Deb Stump Applied Academics/Math dstump@inghamisd.org
Rick Cook Applied Academics/ELA rcook@inghamisd.org
Terry Egerer Attendance/Main Office tegerer@inghamisd.org
Rae Zieger-Conrad Budget Technician rzconrad@inghamisd.org
Lindy Daman Career Assess/College & Career Prep ldaman@inghamisd.org
Chris Eaton Curriculum Coordinator ceaton@inghamisd.org
Hyonju VanAcker Curriculum, College & Career Technician hvanacke@inghamisd.org
Nikki Corr Early College Coordinator ncorr@inghamisd.org
Rick Ballentine Enrollment Specialist rballent@inghamisd.org
Corrie Janeski Administrative Assistant cjanseki@inghamisd.org
Jackie Courter Student Data Specialist jcourter@inghamisd.org
LaVendee Fulton Student Support lfulton@inghamisd.org
Mick LaRue Work Based Learning mlarue@inghamisd.org
Ian Klages Auto Tech Instructor iklages@inghamisd.org
Scott Westenberg Auto Tech Instructor swestenb@inghamisd.org
Tami Shaw Auto Tech Instructional Asst. tshaw@inghamisd.org
Kevin Cane Auto Tech Instructional Asst. kcain@inghamisd.org
Julie Liberti Aviation Academy Instructor jliberti@inghamisd.org
Toby West BioScience Careers Instructor twest@inghamisd.org
Caitlin Carpenter BioScience Careers Inst. Asst. cdcarpenter@inghamisd.org
Monique Colizzi Bus & Risk Management Instructor mcolizzi@inghamisd.org
Adria Noecker CA-PCT Instructor anoecker@inghamisd.org
Dee Getty Career Start  Instructor dgetty@inghamisd.org
Jerry Johnson Construction Tech Instructor gjohnson@inghamisd.org
Tim Miller Const Tech Instructional Asst. tmiller@inghamisd.org
Kathy Cochran Cosmetology Instructor kcochran@inghamisd.org
Trisha Wilson Cosmetology Instructor pwilson@inghamisd.org
Corbett Day Culinary Arts Instructor cday@inghamisd.org
Baylee Pfeister Culinary Arts Instructor bpfeister@inghamisd.org
Megan Smith Culinary Arts Instructional Asst. msmith@inghamisd.org
  Cybersecurity Instructor  
Mark Dodak Cybersecurity Instructional Asst.


Paul Guetschow Engineering Tech Instructor pguetschow@inghamisd.org
Cyril Lapinski Engineering Instructional Asst. clapinsk@inghamisd.org
Daryn Baker Health Foundations Instructor


Sandra Teremi Health Foundations Instructor steremi@inghamisd.org
Laurie Miller Medical Assistant/HF Instructor lgmiller@inghamisd.org
Sarah Morgan Med Asst/HF Instructional Asst. smorgan@inghamisd.org
Noel Garcia Law Enforcement Instructor ngarcia@inghamisd.org
Jorge Gomez Investigations  Instructor jgomez@inghamisd.org
Niki Adams New Media Instructor nadams@inghamisd.org
Rick Castaneda Precision Machining Instructor rcastaneda@inghamisd.org
Randall Easterling Prec Machining Instructional Asst. reasterling@inghamisd.org
David Baker Programming & Mobile Apps Instructor dbaker@inghamisd.org
Pete Eisinger Programming Instructional Asst. ceisinger@inghamisd.org
Jeff Grossman Welding Technology Instructor jgrossma@inghamisd.org
Craig Barnes Welding Instructional Asst. cbarnes@inghamisd.org