Healthcare (Various Options)

Interested in Healthcare, but not sure about your career options? Well the options are endless, and the Wilson Talent Center can help prepare you for whatever area you choose.

As a first year student, you wil take the Health Foundations course. In this one-year core program, you will learn the basics such as medical terminology, vital signs and CPR/First Aid, just to name a few.  Students will cover 12 content segments including workplace safety, legal and ethical practices and health maintenance. Students who qualify will also have the opportunity to participate in limited work based learning experiences which could include job shadows, guest speakers or facility tours.

View the Health Foundations Syllabus.

View the Articulated Credit Sheet for Health Foundations.

Once you successfully complete Health Foundations (as a junior), you will have the option of continuing to advanced courses for a more specialized experience during your senior year. Those second year options include:

Certified Nursing Assistant/Acute Care Assistant (CNA) - 

If you would like to work in an inpatient setting, such as a hosptial, extended care facility or nursing home, this program can show you the way to direct patient care. You can earn your CNA certification and springboard into nursing programs at various schools.

This program is a pre-requisite into many college nursing programs and will allow high school students the points needed to be considered for a nursing program. You will also learn the advanced skills needed to become an Acute Care Assistant.

As a students in this program, you will participate in on-site clinical work at a long-term care facility as well as a hospital. You will need to provide your own transportation to these sites and times could very from early morning to evening care.

View the CNA/ACA Syllabus.

View the Articulated Credit Sheet for CNA/ACA.

Medical Assistant (MA) - 

The Medical Assistant Program allows students to focus on a career path while gaining valuable clinical and laboratory experience with real patients. This track would be ideal for a student interested in working in a doctors office, laboratory or in hospital administration.

Emphasis is placed on three major areas of focus: academics and skills building, certification opportunities and field placement. Some of the skills you will be exposed to include but are not limited to; EKG, Phlebotomy, Injections and Wound Care. Students also have the option to select a certification track of either a Clinical Medical Assistant, a Nationally Certifiied Phlebotomist or a Pharmacy Technician.

Because clinical experience in a variety of healthcare facilities is a key component of your education, you will the take your new skills and knowledge and apply them at professional healthcare sites.

View the Medical Assistant Syllabus.

View the Articulated Credit Sheet for Medical Assistant.

Capital Area Patient Care Technician (PCT) -

If you have always wanted to work in a hospital setting, this may be your pick! The CA-PCT program spends three days a week at the Wilson Talent Center and two days per week right at Sparrow Health System.  As part of this program, you will learn about this different departments within a hospital setting, while earning a certification as a Patient Care Technician (PCT). Students will need to provide their own transportation to and from class at Sparrow each day.

A Patient Care Technician is an important job in the medical profession. They will provide help to patients in hospitals, doctor’s offices and nursing homes. A nurse or doctor normally supervises the PCT, however, the PCT will spend the most time with patients. In this position, you will perform basic care for the patient such as assisting them with bathroom use, serving meals, changing bedding, taking vitals, collecting specimens, performing catheterization, personal hygiene and grooming.

PCT’s are in demand and this can be a great entry-level opportunity as students navigate their future career plans in a healthcare setting. PCT’s average about $13.00 per hour here in Michigan. 

View the CA-PCT Syllabus.

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