Precision Machining Technology

Machinists are needed to create automotive parts, windmill parts, military equipment, medical equipment and many other parts that have precise components. If you like working with your hands and making things that most others can't, Precision Machining may be the program for you!

Thanks to the new global economy, innovative technologies, entrepreneurship and federal and state initiatives, manufactuing is forever changed, and machinists are in great demand. Today's careers in this field are exciting, cutting-edge and filled with endless possibilities. Manufacturing is fast becoming a laboratory environment with employees tracking production, working in quality teams and using sophisticated computer applications.

In this program, students will learn to operate manual and computerized drills, lathes, mills and grinders. Some will use Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software programs. Computer Numerical Control, or CNC machines are also used in this program. This is an automation method used that allows for precise tolerances, near-perfect copies and extremely quick design and manufacturing.

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