Direct College Credit

Students attending the Wilson Talent Center have the opportunity to earn direct college credit through partnerships with Ferris State University and Baker College. Students earning direct college credit are enrolled at the college or university while they are in high school and are concurrently taking both high school and college-level coursework.

What is Direct Credit?

With Direct Credit, college courses are offered at the Wilson Talent Center and the Career and Technical Education instructor is considered a qualified college level instructor by a particular college/university. Students must meet admissions criteria to be eligible and will enroll with the college/university to earn the credit. The WTC will pay for the tuition, textbooks and fees for the college course. The student is responsible for completing the coursework for the class. The grade from this course will be placed on the student's official college transcript. Most colleges and universities generally require a minimum grade of a 2.5 when accepting coursework from another post-secondary institution.

Visit the Michigan Transfer Network website, the website of the instiution you are considering or call the registrar's office for more information. The college/university you  are attending decides what credits they will accept as a transfer.

For a list of WTC programs that offer this type of credit, see the Direct College Credit Sheet.

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