Career Start

If you are unsure about the type of career you wish to pursue, the Career Start program may be just for you! This program will help you get ready for the career of your choice with certification opportunities as well as possible job shadows at area businesses. 

Students with work experience, solid customer service skills and certifications are the preferred candidates when employers interview and hire. This program will get you ready for the career of your choice. You will add experience with paid and unpaid internships to your resume. You can earn certifications in such areas as Bloodborne Pathogens, CPR/AED/Basic First Aid, Sexual Harassment, OSHA, ServSafe and Keyboarding to name a few. The program will boost your confidence and work experienc and help increase your career options during and after high school.

As part of this program, students manage our school store, Campus Corner. This opportunity teaches students the importance of cash management, inventory control and customer service. The school is open to the students and staff of the Wilson Talent Center.

Career Start teaches you how to communicate, work as a team and increase your basic skills to make you stand out to potential employers. Career opportunities are determined by you and can include the Hotel & Restaurant industry, Facilities Maintenance, Journalism, Graphic Arts, Food Service, Video Production and many more choices.

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Photos from the Career Start program . . .